Quiet Sunday

Sep 11, 2011

I'm having a relaxing sunday. Closed the blinds, turned on the tv to something mind numbing and I'm working on some baking.

I have an awesome recipe for two hour bread, and decided to make it into buns today. I made 1 loaf of bread and 9 buns. Just out of curiousity I wanted to see what they would turn out like. Harvest is underway and Dan has been taking work lunches for two weeks now. Thought maybe I could supply him with yummy home made buns and roast.. but turns out hes sick of roast.


All in all, life has been good. We've been talking about babies, and my hormones have been crazy lately since being off birth control. But I've also lost weight, and my boobs are smaller too! I love it! I've been eating super healthy too. I'm so excited to get pregnant. I've been reading alot on labour stories, and thats the whole part of the pregnancy I'm not looking forward too! YIKES!

Anyway, back to my coffee.. ta ta for now!

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