Shopping Spree! (kinda..)

Sep 26, 2011

Went shopping this weekend when we were in the city. I needed a new pair of jeans because I only have one pair that I comfortably fit in. Also, I found an awesome pair of shoes to wear with my black dress!


On another note, I feel gross today. After a weekend of drinking, and eating horrible I feel like a sack of flour.. yuck! I will be drinking up the water today and eating a super healthy salad for lunch with a hard boiled egg. Hubby's dad gave us some fresh fish last night so we will have that for supper tonight, most likely fried. I'm going to bake mine in a tinfoil pack though I think.. I am so tired of eating icky! Also, I'm thinking thursday I will be getting a new hair-do! I'm pretty excited about it. My hair is getting pretty long and I want to do something different with it. I mean, I grew it out for the wedding but now that the wedding is over its time for something new.


This is my hair now:


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