A long week done!

Oct 21, 2011

Good morning everyone, and happy Friday! This week seemed to just drag on forever! I have a long list of "To Do" projects this weekend. That list goes a little something like this;
  1. Finish painting the nursery - yellow and white stripes. First coat of white on so far last night.
  2. Go through the storage room downstairs and organize it! - put away wedding presents and make room for a bed in the room.
  3. Take the bags of leaves to the farm - and maybe the couch from the corner upstairs.
  4. CLEAN! - sweep/wash floors, dust, vaccuum, clean bathroom...
  5. Groceries
  6. Make sure to get lots of rest :)
Shouldn't take me too long to do all of the above. My main concern is the couch in the corner upstairs. Right now there are two couches, a table, and some shelves.. need to clean it out and make more room for my desk thats coming. I can't wait to have a little home office area!

When we moved into the house it originally had 3 bedrooms on the main floor, plus the kitchen, a huge dining room, living room and a little corner off the living room that is useless space. In the basement there are another 2 bedrooms, a living room and a laundry room. Upstairs, we turned one of the bedrooms into Daniel's home office, the other bedroom is currently being painted into a nursery, and then our bedroom. The kitchen, dining room and living room have remained the same and the corner space is now going to be a home office (as soon as my desk and new computer come in!). Hoping the couch is not too big and can stay there, but I'm doubting it. The 2 bedrooms downstairs will be a spare room, a spare room plus storage room. Whew.. lots of house remodeling in the past year.. hopefully after this we are done!

I'm thinking about making homemade pizza for supper tonight, something quick and yummy! Both Daniel and I haven't been sleeping very well this week and we are both looking forward to a quiet and cheap weekend at home!

Ta ta for now!

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