Bring on the trips!

Oct 3, 2011

So I finally made the big trip to the city and got my passport done. I've been working on trying to get it done for awhile with all the name change stuff. Last week I drove an hour to the nearest Service Canada building and turns out they couldn't do it. I needed it rushed because of an upcoming trip to the Virgin Islands, and would have to go to Passport Canada. So last night I made the trip, 3 big hours to the city for a 5 minute appointment...

I took full advantage of being in the city, and hit up a gym. They charged me like $8 for a one time use. I could have used the pool or the gym. I thought it was a pretty good deal.

I started with a treadmill at 5 minutes slow pace warm up, 15 minutes running and a 5 minute slow pace cooldown. Then moved to some stretches, and then finished it with the elliptical for 15 minutes. Took about an hour total, with a calorie burned total of 240! I made sure I burned the whole 3 AP before jumping off the elliptical. My legs are so sore tonight, I'm thinking of doing some yoga tonight on my biggest loser workout instead of the 1 hour cardio I have booked. I don't know if my legs can handle it, or my big toe actually. I ended up forgetting to pack socks ( I know right! Who does that?) and ended up getting a huge blister on my toe. I've been told not to pop it and just leave it alone.. uuugh!

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