This is where the magic happens

Oct 2, 2011

You know how on MTV's Cribs, they always show the house and when they get to the bedroom they always say, "and this is where the magic happens"? Ever wondered who was the first one to say it? Well according to my research it was:

Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block!

Well, in my world, the bedroom is not the place where the magic happens. Sure, there is a "magic" that goes on in there every now and then, probably less often than I would like. In my world the kitchen is where the magic happens. Every day there is some sort of magic brewing, its my place where I feel like I can just be myself and let my creativeness shine!


Sorry for the crappy photos, just did some quick shots this morning after I had cleaned out all of the cupboards and moved stuff around to accompany the new dishes we bought yesterday. We had over $600 of wedding gift cards to use up and we definitely used half of them on new dishes! I'll show you late what they look like. I didn't get anything that matches and it looks so good!

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