Weekend Recap on a Wednesday!

Oct 19, 2011

Good Morning all my beautiful readers! Sorry I haven't wrote in awhile, I've been feeling a bit down lately. Just tired, and blah.. Not sure what thats all about.

My weekend was amazing! I spent a good couple hours at the craft show, and was definitely inspired to do a little bit of crafting of my own! I just need to find some time and energy to do it. I am thinking about sewing some baby blocks for a friend that is expecting, to go along with the blanket I'm knitting. The tutorial is here for the blocks. Aren't they the cutest thing ever? I was thinking about sewing a letter to spell B-A-B-Y on each of them.

I picked up a couple super neat items at the craft show. Wish I would have picked up more though.. oh well. There is a craft show coming up in November in the next town over, I will definitely have to hit it up!

This is a premade scrapbook I bought for my Aunt. She loves scrapbooking and I thought this would be perfect for her! I'm going to fill it with some fun recipes and maybe add a couple pictures.


This is a life savor for me! I just hope my mother in law thinks the same thing. You cook potatoes in it in the microwave! Takes like 10 minutes to cook two potatoes, and they are way better than baked potatoes in the oven! Love it!

potato bag

A glass bottle dish for my sister, she picked it out. She used to have one but it got left behind last time she moved. The lady explained how they are made when I bought it. They set the bottle in a mold, then put it in a Kiln and melt it down, pretty neat hey!

Green Bottle

We got home at 1:00am on Sunday morning.. went straight to bed. *Yawn* wish I was still there now!

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