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Dec 27, 2011

I have had something on my mind for the past couple weeks and I've kept it a secret. It is also most of the reason why I haven't been around much blogging. I find blogging to be relaxing and a great way to express myself. This whole keeping things secret just doesn't work very well for me!

So whats my news you ask? Well ok, here it is..

We are expecting!

Yup thats right, around June 24th 2012 we will be welcoming a little baby into our family! By now most of our families know so its safe to put it out here! I can't believe how far along we are already! Man has time flew by! Here are some updates for previous weeks:

Week 4:
After a weekend at the farm, and getting up at night to pee (which is super odd) I took a pregnancy test, or 4.. all came back positive!

Week 5:
Patiently waiting for my doctor appointment.. so excited! Still feeling good..
Week 6:
Doctor appointment to confirm pregnancy and then to get some blood work. Morning sickness definitely started this week!
Week 7-8:
We went on a vacation to the Virgin Islands for Daniel's work.. We were with some other couples and that we knew from the company. I got sick of coming up with excuses on why I wasn't drinking and actually was sick in general and missed out on a couple of the functions. So we had to tell the people we were with and made them keep it a secret! Also, Daniel's grandfather passed away while we were gone and after his funeral Daniel's sister cornered me and finally figured out that we are expecting. Also was told to keep it a secret!
Week 9:
Morning sickness got way out of hand and we ended up in the hospital... got some meds from the doctor there so hopefully feeling better!
Had our first Prenatal Visit. Daniel came along just for fun, but had to leave halfway through to go to a meeting. Louise went through our medical history, all the bloodwork I had done a month ago, did a head to toe physical. Checked on my cold to make sure it was under control.. Took blood pressure, and all that other fun stuff. Then she went to find a heartbeat. She had warned me a couple times that it was way too early to find it, so I wasn't to worried when she couldn't find it. She did find the sound of the blood flow into the uterus and it was going strong. All in all it was a great checkup!

Week 10:
Stayed at my sisters place in the city. Did some maternity shopping. I was really dissapointed that the store wasn't honoring the Black Friday Sale they had signs and posters for in the store. What did I buy you ask? I bought 9 items (sale was buy two get one free). A pair of really cute jeans, black dress pants, a dressy top, 3 long sleeve shirts and 3 t-shirts that are oh so soft and comfortable! Also, on Sunday was the Christmas Story play my mom had bought tickets for. We had made supper reservations and I wasn't feeling super great and ended up throwing it all up and just eating a bit of ice cream.. yum. Still feeling super sick and not much of an appetite.
Week 11:
Anything carbs seems to be sitting well in my stomach.. carbs and salty. I've been eating lots of cinnamon toast and it seems to stay down ok. Still feeling super sick but not much else going on.. hope it goes away soon.

Week 12:
Definitely feeling like the morning sickness is starting to subside. By 9 or 10am I am feeling good enough to down a bagel with cheese, skittles and some crackers! Definitely need to work on the diet a bit!
Week 13:
Had our second prenatal visit. My N.P. mentioned that I'm measuring big (top of my uterus to the top of my pelvic bone) at a whopping 16 cm. After about 5 minutes of searching she found the baby hiding behind my pelvic bone! Heart beat was super strong, about 158-160bpm, and the bloodflow can be heard across my whole uterus! Still hoping that we only have one in there! Won't have a ultrasound until the first week into February.

Week 14:
Christmas - present.. everyone now knows! I'm feeling much better, haven't been sick for like 5 days!

So thats it for now! Christmas was amazing as usual. I got absolutely spoiled with a breadmaker, cookbooks, new pizza pans, a deep fryer, a new george forman grill and so so much more! I also got the most comfortable pajama pants in the world, and a new fleece sweater that I've pretty much lived in all weekend!

I will have to write more of an update tomorrow!


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