Some Resolutions

Dec 29, 2011

Well, after a whole morning of hurling my guts out every 45 minutes I'm wide awake at 9pm! Its not very often that I am still this awake at this time of night. Being pregnant sure takes a lot out of a women.

I promised myself I would write in this blog as much as I could and I think I need to make a couple New Years Resolutions, starting with this blog.

Being pregnant and thinking about the future is pretty overwhelming. Its hard to believe that in under 6 months we will be welcoming someone else into our family. The best way for me to express myself sometimes is through words... even if nobody else reads it, I still feel better if I can just type and get stuff off my chest. I need to do it more often, even if its only 3-5 times a week. I need to do it more. I was getting so frustrated that we were keeping this whole pregnancy a secret until Christmas, even though I was well past the scary part in the first trimester. So, New Years Resolution #1: Write more.. write often.. quantity produces quality right!

Something that has taken a beating is my eating habits. Being sick all day with morning sickness and having no appetite as taken a tole on my body, and I can tell. I lost weight, which isn't a good thing when you're pregnant. My doctor hasn't said anything yet, but being 15 weeks pregnant and only gaining 2lbs can't be good. I should have gained at least 5lbs by now. So, for New Years Resolution #2: Eat healthy.. eat more.. eat good hearty food and think of the baby! (I'm also going to throw in take your vitamins under this one, even though I've been taking them religiously already.)

Sometimes in life, we get distracted from the things we love. Lets face it, we get busy, we get distracted, its part of life. There are lots of things I love in life, but my family always comes first. That means both Daniel, his parents, and of course my parents, brother and sister. I want them to be involved in my life, with my baby and I want my baby to learn from them. I need to take the time out of my day or week to talk to them, to visit, to have fun. So, for New Years Resolution #3: Spend time with family and friends.. visit, call, text, whatever.. just take the time to include them in my life and my future baby's life. Dan and I are lucky in that all our family and friends are close to us. I need to include them more, and I admit I'm horrible for going home to visit my family because we always seem to have things going on. The main reason I am doctoring close to my parents is so I can make appointments for Fridays and take the whole day off to go home to them and visit them after my appointment!

Also, I love being crafty. One of the presents I got for my bridal shower is sadly still in the box. My new sewing machine. I also love scrap booking, and I need to get into it more. I signed up for an online digital scrapbook maker and have barely used it! I also love drawing/painting/knitting/cooking/baking.. the list goes on. I never seem to find the time to do these things. So, for New Years Resolution #4: Take the time to do the things I love. When the baby comes I won't have time to do these things, and I know that.. so now more than ever I need to take the time to do these things.

Of course there are more things I need to do in life, but this is a good start for now.

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