27 Weeks

Mar 23, 2012

I've had a long rough week and I'm so glad its finally over. We had received news our company had bought out part of another company and will be taking it over this year. Thats super exciting news and even though I'm going on mat leave in June when I come back everything should be transitioned over. So I will miss it all which could be a good thing or bad thing.. Also, yesterday we received news that one of our coworkers took his own life. It really bothers me when people choose to deal with their problems that way and I had seen him that day and he seemed perfectly fine.. of course you always look back and think oh man I wish I never said that to him.. oh well..

I haven't had more than 5 hours sleep all week, and last night I only had about 3. I have a horrible migraine and have been sick to my stomach all day so far. If I can make it through the day today without being sick or falling asleep its going to be a miracle!

We have a storm warning out today for 10-15 cm of snow and about 3-6 hours of freezing rain.. lovely. It is going to be a good weekend to cuddle on the couch, catch up on sleep and relax! Maybe I will get some work done on my baby quilt!

27 weeks

What I weigh: 159.2 (up 21.2 lbs)
What I'm eating: Hummus and Pretzels!
How I'm Feeling: Still not sleeping much more than 3-5 hours a night.. booo!

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