32 Weeks

Apr 27, 2012

Well another week down, only 7 more weeks of work left and 8 more weeks until the due date! We have had two super busy weeks, with both our jobs picking up and getting busy and our prenatal classes. We did have our last class last night and I can honestly say we learned so much! I had to add a couple things to my "to buy" list and Dan learned so much! Its nice to have classes like that available and information just a phone call away.

The baby has been moving alot lately, and I've been feeling alot of pressure in my pelvis and hips. I'm wondering if the baby has moved head down yet? I have a doctor appointment Monday morning and I hope he can tell me if thats why I've been feeling lots of pressure.

Its scary to think our baby could show up any day now. I pay attention to any little sign.. I came 6 weeks early and Dan actually came 5 weeks early! It would be so awesome if in two weeks we were welcoming our little baby into the world.. but I'm totally cool if the baby wants to stay in there until the end. Either way I just hope he/she is healthy and I know they will be the cutest most adorable baby ever!
What I weigh: 169 (up 31lbs)
What I'm eating: Lime and sea salt Crispy Minis
How I'm Feeling: Big and heavy and awkward! Every single move the baby makes can be felt on the outside!

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