Maddox William - Birth Story

Jun 28, 2012

So after all is said and done, I have to say that giving birth really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I will agree with any mom when they say it is one of the most memorable, overwhelming experiences ever. This is Maddox's birth story.

I had been having intense Braxton hicks contractions for 3 weeks and on June 12, my doctor decided he was going to strip my membranes hopefully speeding things up a bit. I wasn't dilated or anything yet. On June 13 (my birthday) my Braxton hicks were so painful we decided to go to the hospital. Turns out the stripping had started early labour and I was 3-4 cms and 50% effaced. My doctor told me to go home and get lots of rest to prepare for labour.
Well after a whole week of off and on false labors and more painful Braxton hicks, on June 19 I had my membranes stripped again. I also was given a sleeping pill. In the early morning of June 20 I had woken up really groggy a couple times with cramps but in my sleepy state I couldn't put it together. I got out of bed around 8 am, and noticed that my cramps were coming at regular intervals. At 11am we went for a walk, which we ended up cutting short because I was in so much pain. Bu the time we got back my contractions were 5 minutes apart lasting a minute or so. I called my doctor and was told to go straight to the hospital.
The hour drive was horrible! Dan was so nervous and I was gripping my seat in pain, but we got there! It took awhile to get checked in and into a room. Our hospital had two delivery rooms and there was already a lady in the "good" room so we ended up in the make shift room. Around 3 pm after getting checked in, a nurse came to check me. My nurse was amazing, she was a midwife from Zambia and was so good at keeping me calm. I was having contractions when she was checking me and she cold feel my water bulging. She said I was about 4-5cms. Around 4 pm the doctor came in and checked me and figured it was about time to break my water. Just as he was about to do it, it ended up breaking on its own!
Things went quick after that. My contractions were coming quick and were starting to get unbearable. I walked, I squatted, I went as long as I could without anything. By 6pm I had enough so they had brought me gas and air. I went for almost 2 hours on that, and had asked for an epidural. Had my epidural at 8pm, there was some complications during the procedure and it ended up only freezing my right side. So I could feel everything on my left side.. The pressure was so intense!
Around 10 pm I was in transition stage. I had the shakes, was vomiting and developed a bad fever. The doctor came to check me and I only had 1cm to go! He told us we would have our baby by midnight!
Around 11:30 he came back and I was fully dilated and ready to push. Took them a bit to set up and I started pushing right away. My contractions weren't coming super quick an after an hour of pushing my doctor decided and intervention was needed. I ended up with an episiotomy and the vacuum was needed, and at 1:05am on June 21 our son was born!
Dan, of course, cried.. I was overwhelmed! It was an amazing feeling when they laid him on my chest and I heard his cries for the first time.
We were sent to our room an hour later and Maddox roomed with us. I couldn't put him down for the rest of that night. I don't think I slept a wink either! We made all our phone calls around 3am. At 6am I showered and felt a million times better. I actually didn't feel that bad, besides my stitches I was good! The next day around 3pm everyone started showing up to see him. For 4 hours we had nonstop visitors. That night after everyone left Maddox found his voice and spent most of the night crying and making noises. I was so glad Daniel was able to stay with me.
The next day we left the hospital around lunch time after both him and I had been thoroughly poked and prodded.
It felt so good to be home!
Daniel had dressed him and they were off to watch the NHL drafts together.

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