A weekend getaway!

Jul 16, 2012

Every weekend since Maddox was born it seems we have been on the go. Whether it was to my parent's or to the in-laws cabin or to a town 5 hours away for a wedding, we've been on the road. This past weekend was no exception! We left late thursday afternoon for Daniel's family cabin at Candle Lake.
It was the first time since Maddox was born that Daniel and I had alone time together. It was so nice to have Aunts, Uncles and cousins that wanted to hold him and carry him.
Thursday was an early night for us. It was mostly just all the Aunts and girl cousins.
Friday, after everyone else showed up, we had an amazing appetizer supper. There was so many things to eat from chicken wings, dips, chips, crackers, ribs, home made sushi and more!
Saturday, we slept in until 10, we had an amazing breakfast that consisted of over night french toast, morning wife saver, yogurt and granola and tons of fruit. After the feast Daniel took me for my first ever jet ski ride! It was so fun, and not as scary as I though it was going to be, even if I was shaking after. The boys started a beer darts tournament when we got back, and we ended the afternoon with some beach time. Even Maddox got to test out rhe water!
Sunday morning we left early after feeding Maddox. Who knew planning a 2 hour drive would be so complicated but having a baby definitely changes everything!

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