Merry Christmas

Dec 30, 2012

Well we are finally home after a week on the road for Christmas! I knew going into it that it was going to be tough with Maddox and his schedule and sleeping in the same room and feeding him solids and starting bottles. It actually wasn't that bad and he adjusted well.

Our Christmas started on the 22nd with a seafood supper with Daniel's Grandma and parents. It was the first time I've had crab legs and man were they good!

On the 23rd we were off to my parents farm, a long 2 hour drive, good thing Maddox slept well!

On the 24th mom cooked my family Christmas supper. Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, the works! We all woke up early Christmas morning to open presents. I think we could have gave Maddox a roll of paper and he would have been happy! All he did was try and eat the bows and paper. That evening we went into my Grandma's for another Christmas supper. By this point I was stuffed and didn't think I could handle any more Christmas suppers!

On the 26th we packed up again and headed to Daniel's parents cabin. We got there late and pretty much went to bed. We all were awake by 8:30am and were opening presents again, followed by a huge breakfast and then another big Christmas supper in the evening.

On the 27th we packed up all our stuff and came home. It feels so good to be home and I'm really looking forward to having some downtime now before Daniel heads back to work on January 2nd.

It's really nice having him home, and its going to be a rude awakening when he goes back to being on the road!

Anyway I should probably go do some more unpacking! I will leave you with some of my favourite pics from this mornings photo shoot with my new camera!

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