7 Month Update, and Why I'm Still Learning

Jan 23, 2013

Good Afternoon all,

So, seven months hey. Our little man is seven months. We've made it past the halfway point, and the journey now begins towards the one year mark.

So much has changed, we are in our own little groove most of the time, well until recently.. when he started cutting four teeth. Now I'm averaging four hours of sleep a night, and the rest of the night I'm back and forth between my bed, his bedroom, the rocking chair, the kitchen for tylenol and another bottle. My heart aches for my little man. A shot of espresso added to my coffee in the morning, yes please!

Our daily schedule hasn't changed much, I'm still learning to find time to get stuff done during they day for me, such as a run, preparing meals and bottles, and even sitting down for a cup of coffee. I'm trying to make myself get out of bed around 6:30 and go for my run, but I can't pull myself out of bed until 7, and then I make bottles and have my coffee and browse the web, and lately Maddox has been up between 7 and 8 on his own, I'm thinking because thats when his tylenol is wearing off.

Maddox is so interested in anything that is NOT a toy, and whatever it is that he finds usually ends up going straight for his mouth. He prefers remotes, cell phones, and cordless phones. I'm thinking it has something to do with watching us and he wants what we use.

He's also really interest in our dog, and our dog is by far the best babysitter ever! If they are sitting in the same room together Maddox is usually chasing Kato and trying to grab his tail.. oh yes and thats a new thing.. He is crawling.. and jumping! He loves walking as well if you hold on to his hands he will walk across the room. I look forward to the day when he can go from room to room and follow me around. Right now I set up little play stations for him around the house wherever I am and he stays content for thirty minutes at a time.
This was when we were watching the first NHL games of the season!

So here is the Seven Month Rundown:
Solid Food: Loves sweet potatoes, puffed wheat, carrots and sweet potato puffs. We just started peas today (mashed of course).
Bottles: He has anywhere from 5-8 a day. Depending on how his night is, and naps.
Teeth: Two going on six.
Noises: Dadada and a his giggles, he laughs at everything usually, and he's even started laughing at himself.
Weight: His last weight was just under 19lbs.
Likes: Bath time, strings, crawling, standing and walking (assisted), eating books, water bottles, measuring cups, banging blocks, playing in laundry.
Dislikes: Getting dressed, being left alone in a room, diaper changes.

Alright, now let's talk about something else. Something about me. My hairdresser and I are running 5K and 10K marathons! So excited!

Tri-Unity Challenge in Carrot River, August 10th, 2013

Saskatchewan Marathon, May 26, 2013

Right now I'm doing the Couch to 5K program, and plan on doing the 10k after I'm finished. The way I'm looking at it right now I have 12 weeks left of running programs and 18 weeks until the first marathon in May. (Hopefully my math is correct?) Its really great motivation, I just need to find time to get my runs in during the day.

And with that, my little man is waking up. Have a great afternoon.


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