Just a Little Update

Jan 14, 2013

Can you believe that in a week
 this little man will be 7 months?

Time has sure flown by, and I don't think I could imagine life without my little sidekick.

A couple weeks ago we switched over to using formula and bottles. We had a rough go with the teeth and learning not to bite, and in the end it was easier on both of us to switch to bottles. So as of right not our schedule looks like this:

6:30am - I wake up and have my "me" time.. Some mornings thats a run and shower, sometimes just a coffee and the news and the ipad, sometimes I end up sleeping in.
7:30am - Maddox wakes up, has a small 4 oz bottle.
9:00am - breakfast for all!
10:00am - Maddox has a nap and sleeps usually until 11:30/12ish.
1:00pm - Lunch time - Maddox gets his big meal of the day, 2 tbsp protein and 3 tbsp veggies, then playtime or errands.
3:00pm - Big bottle (6oz) and a nap until 4:30-5ish, then we make supper.
6:30pm - Supper time. Maddox has small cut up pieces of food, I try and give him what we are having if he's been introduced, then some rice cereal.
7:30pm - bath time, followed by a book and playtime with daddy
9:00pm - Bedtime and asleep for the night.

We have a pretty busy schedule and I'm super glad that he's been able to have a schedule since he was born. He's always been predictable unless he's teething or on sleep strike.. thats when all hell breaks loose!

Speaking of, I believe he is waking up from his nap so I'm off for now :)

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