Sweep Daddy, Sweep!

Mar 18, 2013

We had an action packed weekend, filled with friends, curling and crappy food.. but thats what makes it so good right?!

We started the day off with pancakes and fruit, and packed up quick and headed out for the curling rink to watch Daniel curl at 10:00am. It was great practice for Daycare today, getting everyone up, fed, showered and out the door on time! We did ok today, we were actually 10 minutes ahead of schedule today!
Once we got to the curling Maddox and I headed upstairs where it was quiet to watch. We sat on the wrong side but since the rink isn't very big we were able to still watch Dan curl. The curling rink has cute little tables that were the perfect height for Maddox to stand at and eat cheerios while cheering on Daddy!
We hung out at the rink most of the day, even ate lunch there! Maddox was pretty sleepy by mid afternoon so we headed home for some quiet time, a couple stories and a nap.

We ended Sunday with take out for Daniel and I, and Maddox's favourite lasagna! My in-laws are officially back from their two month long stay in Mexico, and I'm looking forward to having babysitters here again to watch Maddox for me while I run errands and get my hair done (its only been growing out since November... yikes)!

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