Ola, we have returned!

Apr 10, 2013

Hey everyone, we are back.. with sunburns, peeling skin, and I'm pretty sure alcohol withdrawal.. just kidding!

We had a wonderful vacation, and I'm sad to be home, but half way through the week I was already starting to get homesick, especially for my little man. Here is a quick run down of our week away!

On the first day we landed in Cancun around lunch time. We had a super quick flight thanks to some awesome tail wind! But we couldn't check into our room until after three so we just sat around at ate.. good times.

On the second day we laid on the beach for awhile, then went to the pool and drank our faces off.. drinking + heat = forgetting to put sunscreen on = baaaad sunburn!

Our third day we figured it was a good day to head to the ruins.. with spf 60 slathered on so we don't burn anymore!


The ruins were amazing, definitely one of the coolest things I had seen to date..

Day four, of course, was the beautiful wedding...


Then on day five.. we got brave.. no alcohol involved because well.. drinking and driving is bad ya'll!


Yup, I look like a dork!

And day six.. we went to a restaurant called "Alux". Now.. I thought Tulum was amazing and the coolest place I had every been.. well Alux takes the cake! Its a restaurant built underground in one of those water caves. We shared a seafood platter for two and oh my word it was a huge plate of seafood and the most amazing food I have ever eaten. I don't think I will ever be able to eat shrimp or lobster ever again. It just won't be the same!


And day seven we spent flying home. I thought for sure my kiddo would be happy to see him, turns out he wanted absolutely nothing to do with me. Until he woke up the next day and remembered who brought him into this world and nursed him and fed him.. jeeze!

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