First Birthday Party, and Back to Work!

Jun 27, 2013

Well a year has come and gone, and my little baby boy is one already! We had the most wonderful celebration for little Maddox this past weekend. I feel bad that I haven't wrote about it until now!

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In true birthday fashion, we started off the day with some fun fetti pancakes! My family for the most part showed up friday night (except mom and dad), and Daniel's sister and her boyfriend also cam friday for some drinks so we were a bit sleepy and the sugar rush was much needed to start getting ready for Maddox's big day!

We invited everyone to come for lunch, and had a huge BBQ. Maddox was of course spoiled in the present department! So many neat things for kids these days..

We had his baptism at 7:30pm that evening, after everyone had supper and a nap! Maddox played with his water bottle the entire time and didn't make a fuss at all! We kept passing him off, and giving him treats, it was a great evening. Then all our families came over for drinks and some snacks, and after a couple card games we all hit the hay!

It was an amazing day, and I feel so blessed that I was able to take off an entire year of work to spend time with my beautiful baby boy!

But now its time to go back to work, and he has started daycare, and also started getting his molars! OUCH! I'm at my second day of work, and absolutely loving being back! We had a little incident on Tuesday night (which would have been the night before my first day back), and Maddox slept for maaaaybe 2-3 hours. So I was absolutely exhausted!

Oh well, today is new day, and a better day!


  1. Maddox is such a cutie!!! Happy belated birthday to him --- looks like y'all had a perfect day celebrating! And good for you for having such an awesome attitude about heading back to work -- you'll be all the more excited to pick him up every day!! Hope he's liking daycare and you guys are adjusting all around! So glad I stopped by to say hello and see photos of this little cuties bday! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Darci and for the message! Truely made my day :)



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