Friday things #1

Jun 21, 2013

So I've been doing pretty good with the one post a week thing. I figured its time to take it up a step. Eventually I would like to be posting up to five times a week, with 2-3 recipe posts and the rest just what's going on in our lives...
With that said, I'm starting five for Friday posts.. Five random things that are in my head this week..
{one} Well of course, guess who's turning one! It honestly seems like not long ago when my little man was only a newborn. We have had a lot of ups and downs, but I wouldn't change anything in the world! We have a big weekend planned for him. Our friends and family will be coming over Saturday for his birthday party and his baptism is also that same evening. Then the next day our friends son is having his birthday party. So I'm sure we will have lots of fun this weekend!
{two} I've been busy doing some crafts around the house! It's no surprise I'm absolutely addicted to Pinterest. I mean what's there not to love, it's a huge collection of recipes, crafts, information.. Anything you could every possibly need! This project was a little bit frustrating, I couldn't get the frame to hang on the fridge without falling down so I ended up using a command hook. Worked like a charm! I'm using it to write our menu plan, plus anything important.
{three} I'm absolutely loving this nail polish right now! Opi's "you're such a Budapest". Seriously where do they get these names?! I have been getting both my fingers and toes painted with this color for the past month! And I asked my mom to gt it for me for my birthday. She's been really good about picking up nail polish colors I like lately! I got three for Christmas that she picked out and she did such a good job. She picked out a nude, a pink and a dark brown one. Usually the dark brown can be found on my toesies.
{four} it's been raining here for the second day, and I really just wish I could have spent my last week of mat leave outside on the deck. I painted our patio furniture this year and it looks absolutely amazing! You know, we looked at a new house the other day, it had no yard and I couldn't imagine giving all this up. I love our yard so much and I put lot of hard work into it. But the hous was amazing! I would love a kitchen island and to be able to see everything from that island. And two living rooms, with the option of making one into a toy room! And the basement.... Oh the basement... It was man cave material I tell you!
{five} you know, five things are hard to think of, so this is what I've been listening to lately.. I've really been in a 70s kick lately. It's kinda what I grew up listening to. Thanks mom!

Well that's it for this Friday! I've linked up over at "the good life" blog.

What are you listening to this week?

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