Friday things #2

Jun 28, 2013

Another week has come and gone, this was a fast week! Back to work, back to daycare, work supper, new office.. all sorts of things going on!

{one} First off, I want to say how much I looove my new tattoo! Last Sunday, I went with my husband, father in law and sister in law to get tattoos. My father in law got this huge fish tattoo I helped design, I got my sons name, and my sister in law got a touch up.


{two} My son's birthday cake is also at the top of my list this week.. we ate leftovers for a couple days. It was just a vanilla cake with colored buttercream icing. It was amazing!


{three} My new hair color, thanks to a boxed hair dye. I'm pretty sue its a sin to use hair dye, but the blonde in my hair was starting to change to orange thanks to our gross water. So I grabbed a box of hair dye and went crazy... I'm also back at work so I can't just go get my hair done anyday anymore.. extreme sad face..


{four} CHRISTMAS ORANGES! I love oranges, and mandarin oranges are the best! So easy to grab and take to work as a snack.. and these ones are amazing!

{five} How about this wine.. definitely the best way to end the day


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