An Evening a-Fair

Jul 21, 2013

We spent an evening with friends at the fair in the next town over. It wasn't a huge fair, but it was big enough that Maddox got lost a couple times. (Not really lost, but the kind of lost where he ducks behind a person or you lose sight of him for 5 seconds and have a heart attack)

Neither Dan or I were brave enough to take Maddox on any rides this time. I think he was too short for the most part anyway. We had so much fun though. 


I think he is scheming something here.. he kept running by all the baskets of toys and stealing stuffed animals. We tried to say "No" but he was just having too much fun, so we walked behind him paying for all the stuffed animals he kept taking. Or giving them back.


He was happy sitting on Daddy's shoulders watching though. He loves being up high!


This is our friend and her son. They pretty much road on every ride!



Can we do this again next year?

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