Five for Friday #4

Jul 12, 2013

And just like that, it's Five for Friday time again!

{one} I'm thankful for Kate from The Small Things blog. I've been using her hairstyles all week long. Wednesday I rocked her "how to wear a head band with curls" tutorial and with this heat her "french side braid and messy bun" has been my go to hairstyle! Check out her hair tutorial section.. I have it bookmarked on my phone and visit it daily!

{two} My lululemon capris have been in my backpack every day, as well as a wicking shirt and my runners. I've started running and walking during my lunch break and I'm feeling great! We have a group of 3 of us that run and 4 of us that walk. We run approximately 5km three days a week and walk about 3km on the days inbetween

{three} I'm so in love with my camera, I bought it a bag. Its not in yet, but can I still throw some love at it? Its blue and white chevron with a padded water proof section for my camera and other stuff.


{four} How about my bbq! We've had ridiculous hot weather the past week and we've been bbqing for suppers when we can. I want to start using it more, to grill veggies and stuff as well as meat. Its so easy to cook on the bbq while Maddox is playing outside and I can keep an eye on him! He loves being outside!

{five}My favorite little man, and my favorite picture of him this week! We had a rough week, Maddox had a low grade fever and last night it peaked and I couldn't get it to come back down! I got cuddles all day today!

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