Friday Things #3

Jul 5, 2013

Wow, another week gone already!

It was a long weekend here for us. Saturday we tried to have a relaxing day at home, but we ended up having people over which is even more fun! And there was a football game on to boot! Saturday we drove up to my Grandma's cabin where my Mom's side was hanging out and spent some much needed time at the beach! Maddox loved the water! Then monday we were up at the lake visiting with my in-laws friends from Portland. They had a beer gardens and activities set up for everyone since it was Canada Day, and even though we skippped out on the fireworks we still had tons of fun! I have never seen Maddox so happy! He was in love with the live music and entertainment.

Maddox had his one year needles on Wednesday, and they really seemed to be bugging him and we spent most of the day sleeping and cuddling. Yes I took a day off work to cuddle with Maddox..

My first photoshoot was Thursday night, and we had such a blast! The in-laws friends wanted some pictures "out on the farm".

{one} Coffee, coffee and more coffee. I'm currently in love with Van Houtte Vanilla Hazelnut made in my keurig. It's pretty much what got me through the week...

{two} Children's tylenol. Not for me, but for Maddox. I don't think anyone would have slept this week without it.. Maddox's needles, his teeth, his cold.. it was a cure all for sure!

{three} Adobe Photoshop. I've been working on a new blog design for my new website - Rae-Lynn Photogprahy. Interesting fact of the day - Rae was my nickname is highschool..
{four} My family. I had a great weekend in the sun, at the beach and just relaxing with them!

{five} I'm on an oldies music kick again.. someone help!

Have a great weekend :)

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