Introducing Rae-Lynn Photography

Jul 11, 2013

I haven't been posting much here lately, because I've been working on a little something...

This is my new website Rae-Lynn photography. I've been debating starting my own company for a couple months now, well pretty much since Maddox was born, and I finally gave in. I've had family and friends bugging me since I started taking pictures of Maddox to do this, and I guess they were the ones that pushed me to do it.

I'm super excited to be starting this venture in my life. By no means will I be quitting my day job, but its an opportunity to get my name out there in both graphic design and photography and hopefully some day have my own company. Ideally 5 years from now it would be nice to work from home with my own office.
And with that being said I will also try to start working on this site a bit more, practicing my photography skills. You may start seeing more write ups on what we do on weekends, and how we spend our time. Anyway thats my exciting news on Home Sweet Mommy for today!

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