My New Camera Bag

Jul 16, 2013

My camera bag is from Darby Mack and the store on etsy (found here). I spent a lot of time, and I mean A LOT of time, looking at bags. I originally wanted a leather bag from Epiphanie, but I just couldn't put the money into it. This bag was roughly $140, and is a natural material thats is (hopefully) easy to clean.


One of the drawing cards to this bag for me, was not only that its washable but I can take the camera part out and use the bag as a purse, or put the camera part into a different bag. I wanted something that when we go on trips doesn't scream "Tourist" and "expensive camera here". This bag is washable in cold water and the camera part is waterproof so if I accidently set it in water, its ok.. or, since I now have a busy one year old, a sippy cup leaks, my camera will be protected!


Maybe some day i will splurge on a super nice camera bag, but for now this bag will do.. besides.. it's CHEVRON!

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