August Long Weekend Recap

Aug 7, 2013

Good Morning everyone! I can't believe another long weekend has come and gone! The last one of summer too! Where did our summer go?! It seems like we were just getting into the groove and now the weather is starting to get cold, and days are shorter... I wish summer could last forever. Actually I just wish winter was shorter.. because I love Christmas, and cuddling on the couch during  a snowstorm just as much as I love sitting on a hot beach!

Speaking off hot beaches.. check out what we did for the last long weekend of summer!

We went up to my family's cabin and spent some time soaking up the sun. M loves the water and the sand, and eating the sand.


Our cabin doesn't have running water, so having a bath in the sink is a BIG deal! We had to make a water run anyway, so I heated a big pot of water on the stove, and added some soap bubbles to the tub. 10 minutes later we had warm enough water to bath in! And no more marshmallow in M's hair! YAY! I was worried we were going to have to cut it out.


M has become a little social butterfly, thanks to daycare. He loves playing with other kids, and is pretty good at sharing, unless you have his toys then its "mine mine mine"! He loves running around outside screaming at the top of his lungs. I'm pretty sure if our neighbours were up they were constantly looking to make sure nobody was getting murdered!

img2  img4

"Put the lime in the... beer... and drink it all up"

Something like that right? We had some drinks..


and just to clarify I wasn't the only one drinking.. my sisters also joined in!


We left bright and early Monday morning after breakfast to get back home and do some yard work, laundry, and all that other fun house cleaning stuff to get ready for the week. I'm making a mental note to not be as stressed out as last week, ever again in my life! I had such a bad week, and I'm making a conscious effort to never be like that again! So, hears to another week, and positive thinking! Cheers!

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