The sun has set on summer

Aug 28, 2013

We had an awesome last weekend of Summer here in our small town Saskatchewan. Yes, I realize summer doesn't end until September 21, but for us, our summer has ended. Harvest will be in full swing by mid week and we are preparing for a busy one. As long as the rain stays away we will be going.

We had an awesome last weekend of summer. I had Friday off because we were supposed to be going to a wedding, but ended up not going because of the distance and time off we would have needed to go. Instead, M went to daycare, I went to some appointments for my back and Dan worked a bit in the morning.


In the early afternoon we decided to go for a couple rounds of golf and ended up with a group of friends and stayed out there until midnight! We did some glow golfing, which was crazy fun! Dangerous, but fun!


It was so humid and hot this past weekend, and Dan wasn't feeling up to par on Saturday so we hung out at the house, did some laundry and house cleaning and just became lazy. M has been a bit fussy from teething and wasn't sleeping great so I stayed home with him saturday night and Dan went out to a friend's surpise party. I heard it was a blast... and I'm kinda sorry I missed out on it.

Sunday we were up early, and out wakling when we ran into Dan's parents. They invited us to go fishing for the day and we spent the entire day on the boat! Dan and I were a little sunburnt but we had sooo much fun!


And with that, the sun has set on our last weekend of summer.


Cheers to a succesful and prosperous harvest!

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