Weekend recap - shopping trip!

Oct 29, 2013

We had a super productive weekend here at the Pihowich household! We went to our first hockey game of the season Friday night. Maddox did not too bad. We left halfway through the second period to go home and have a bath and head to bed. We knew going in to the game he wouldn't make it through, it's hard for him to sit still at this stage in his life.
Saturday morning we all woke up bright and early and had a quick breakfast, shower and took off to Prince Albert for the day. I had a photoshoot with my Aunt and Uncle and my adorable cousins! We also had a lot of shopping to do... good thing we brought the truck in!
During our shopping trip we had a lot of firsts for Maddox! First time picking out his own book in the bookstore, first time eating McDonalds, first time ordering his own supper at a restaurant! It was a fun day. Only had one meltdown at Walmart but it was definitely our fault because Maddox needed a break. He was exhausted. Also.. apparently my shoes were exhausted as one of them had a hole in it by the end of our trip! We got home late Saturday night so decided not to go out.. good thing because somone wanted to be a cuddle bug and sleep with mommy and daddy!
Sunday we spent the day lounging, decided to hang up our Christmas lights and clean out the garage. I will never understand why we don't think to fix the Christmas lights in the summer.. Oh well.. maybe next year! 

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