I've been a busy bee lately :)

Nov 10, 2013

Sorry I haven't been around in awhile..

I have been busy with lots of stuff, but mostly my mommy duties.

I absolutely love blogging, recipe writing, trying new things and doing my photography, sewing and other crafts.. but lately my mommy duties have been number one priority.

Anyway, I figured this long weekend would be the perfect time to reconnect with my laptop, some tea, and writing.

On that note... I would like to tell you about a new app I downloaded. Its called "Grid Diary".


I have been using it lately just to clear my mind at night. I can get anything out, feel like I accomplished something, and just brainstorm. I like that I can always have it with me on my phone, and lets be honest here... who doesn't take their phone with them every day?


This is what it looks like on my phone, and I can just click on a square, answer the question and bazinga, I have an entry! And then, even better, I have something to blog about later!

So, hopefully in the next few days I can get back in the habit of writing and getting stuff off my brain at night!

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