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Dec 5, 2013

Good Morning everyone!

We've definitely had some interesting changes in the last couple weeks, and I know I promised to update you sooner.. sorry about that!

So we've had some life changing things happen, as I've said a couple times already. Daniel has quit his day job to start his own company, and I've also opened my own small business. We've both been feeling alot of stress lately I think, and we've had some family issues to deal with. Needless to say, I'm not used to him being home so much and I feel like it's definitely cramping my style.. but I'm so glad he's home now and we can actually have time together as a family! Its been more difficult to find time to write, sew, blog, read, watch tv... well do anything really. I feel like we need to catch up on missed time with "Daddy" around! So that is why I haven't wrote about our changes until now! We still have lots of kinks to figure out, mostly how to give each other space when we need it, and spend time together, and spend time with M.

I think we are all enjoying time together right now though.

My business I've actually had open for awhile. I've been doing photography and graphic design things for awhile now for myself, and recently have decided to do it for others. I've just finished a large project with a lady in town, helping her start her own personal trainer business. I've been booking a couple weddings next summer with my photography and seem to always be busy with some kind of photography project. I need to start bringing my camera out more often to take pictures of our family when we are out and about doing things though. I've also started sewing. Currently on my list of things I make and sell are baby shoes, baby boots, ties, headbands and scarves. There always seems to be things I'm adding to my list of things I sew! Its been super busy for me and I love every moment of it. I can't wait to possibly do it full time and not just after work/weekends!

Onto other big news, M's daycare has informed me that he has now moved up to "toddler"! Where has my baby boy gone? They said that now with him being a toddler, he gets to play with the older kids in the front of the building. It's way more fun up there anyway! He no longer uses a highchair, and gets to sit at the table with the kids, and play and color and just do more fun things instead of being around babies. I'm so excited for him! And thats about it, all the exciting new I had for today! I will try and write more as I can and keep everyone updated!

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