Merry Christmas and Happy New Years - Yes I'm doing this!

Jan 25, 2014

It's a month after Christmas and all through the house… Mommy's playing catch up and it's time to write a blog post…

Yah, I know that doesn't rhyme, sorry. We've been busy here at our house and I feel like we are finally catching up on life in general. Yikes!

We spent Christmas in Mexico, and let me tell you it was sure a nice break from the freezing temperatures we've been having! It was a great trip, M travelled so well. Our plane ride on the way there ended up being during his nap and he slept for probably 3/4 of the way there, and then on the way home he slept most of the way back because it was during bedtime and he was all warm and cozy in his pjs.

PicMonkey Collage

You can tell from the smiles in most of his pictures that he was having fun!

We landed back in Saskatoon late Sunday night, and decided it would be best to travel to my parent's farm yet. We got back at 2 am I think?

So then we ended up spending New Years with my family and came back home on January 1st. Having been gone for almost 2 weeks we had some serious shopping, cleaning and meal planning to do!

My New Years resolution this year is to manage my time better. I find that the best way to manage my time at home is to have a good meal plan and a well stocked fridge and pantry. I need to know what I'm making for supper before I leave for work in the morning, and can do any prep work at lunch if I need to. I've been spending any free time I have on Thursday or Friday doing a meal plan for the next week, then Friday or Saturday I get groceries, Sunday I prep my veggies or do any other prep work that needs to be done, as well as do a general house sweep/clean. 

And that is the best way I have found to make my house run smoothly, and it will be put to test in the next two weeks.. D is leaving us for 2 weeks to travel for work! New Orleans, Chicago and Iowa.. so jealous!

I'm already praying I can find the energy to get through the next two weeks!! Anyway I'm off to make some baked doughnuts for breakfast… recipe to come later :)

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