Weekend Recap

Jun 9, 2014

Do you ever get that guilty feeling, where you know you haven't been updating nearly as much as you should.. because you know some family reads your blog from time to time and you feel like they are missing out?? Yah.. sorry guys! I promise I will be updating more often.

So let's do a weekend recap. Friday we filled up M's sandbox with sand and he had a blast playing in it all weekend. He moved sand around our yard, filling up buckets and dumping them and even sitting in his sandbox throwing sand everywhere, which was fun until his hands got dirty. I tell you I definitely have a little boy, until his hands get dirty then he turns into a little girl!! Just kidding..

I had been wanting to clean out our spice cabinet for awhile now and move some spices into our camper. So I started by taking all of the spices out of the cupboard and going through and getting rid of doubles. M helped by smelling and tasting almost all the spices. I then moved the spices from those little bags into jars. Those bags annoy me, seriously, they never close and I pull them out and spices spill ever.. cinnamon is the worst!

Saturday we spent the day outside, cleaning up the yard, cutting back our trees so we can cut the grass, and getting rid of dead trees. We weeded the garden, and then we all had a lovely three hour nap! M has been rocking super long naps lately, and I think its because we are usually outside all morning! Saturday evening we had a wedding social to go to up at the lake that I needed to take pictures at, so we spent some time up there and then headed out to our local pub for a Carrot River Idol contest and a few drinks (not for me of course).

Sunday I spent the day running back and forth to work as we finally had our train cars that had derailed earlier in the week and they needed to be filled!

Our weekends have been a bit busy lately but we have been totally 100% enjoying them!

June 8 Weekend

We have a bit of a busy week as Dan's gone for a couple days, then my birthday, Dr appointments and Maddox's birthday party (his birthday isn't until the 21 of June). It's also family festival and a few other things going on this weekend so it should be fun!

Bring on summer!

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