Summer Vacation Time

Jul 15, 2014

Can you believe summer is actually here? The weather is absolutely gorgeous and we've officially moved out to the park for six weeks, no I haven't fallen and hit my head, SIX WEEKS of camping! Lord help us, our set up day was definitely a marriage make or break day and we survived. I now believe our marriage can make it through anything!

See look how happy everyone is! Well actually, let's just assume everyone is smiling and laughing int his picture since you can't see face, mmkay?

We are now two nights in, and though the first night was rough, and we couldn't figure out why we kept losing power we now have everything setup and have purchased a few missing items we didn't think we needed. *Note* when your husband says, "I ain't buying no plastic steaks to tie down the mesh tent!", buy them anyway.. or he will blame you for not having them! Lesson learned!
Even though we are camping, we are only really a small ten minutes from town and I have been driving into work and M still goes to daycare and our awesomesauce dog has been going home for the day.. another *Note* having a dog while camping is very stressful.. you don't want to be "that" dog owner with the yippy barking dog that is never on a leash
All in all, we are (and by we I mean I) are super stoked to be out camping. Last night Dan and friend when golfing while M and I went swimming, somethign that my 29 week pregnant body needed! When finished we came back to the camper, changed and cuddled up to watch some tv shows on the ipad and snuggle. Then off to bed and I went to shower quick and then hit the hay as well. We all had amazing sleeps last night and it's truely amazing how relaxed and refreshing camping can make you feel. The smell of camp fire and coffee in the morning is truely the best smell in the world. Someone needs to bottle that stuff, seriously!

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