Back from Holidays

Aug 14, 2014

Well, we are back from camping two weeks earlier than planned, and I'm back at work this week.. insert "waa, waa" here.

I just couldn't do another two weeks of camping with my big pregnant belly anymore. I know I'm going to have a large baby, and it feels like its most likely going to be an early baby just the way that he/she has dropped already and is putting so much pressure down there. We ended up home last Friday, and I had a 3km walk with a friend in the local marathon run Saturday morning which I came dead last in, but at 33 weeks pregnant it was good enough for me! I feel like I've been in nesting mode since!

I've made to do lists, started canning and freezing food for baby, and straightening up the house. If only I could motivate D to start cleaning up his office and moving it into the basement! Maybe that will be my next week project, in all fairness I'm not exactly excited for that move as I will end up losing my sewing room.

We did have a great time camping non-the-less. We had amazing weather, lots of good company, and M did great in his swimming lessons! I actually couldn't believe how much he paid attention and loved the water. His teacher was the best, she could sing songs with them and get them to go on treasure hunts and she was truely an amazing person! I feel truely blessed to have taken off the two weeks from work to be able to participate with him in his lessons! I can't wait for next year's lessons already :)

Anyway, should get back to life, cheers!

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