Super Soul Sunday with Barbara Brown Taylor

May 24, 2015

I know what you are thinking, where have I been lately, why does she keep saying she is going to write more and then doesn't. Why is it getting longer and longer between posts?

There has been a lot going on in my life that I need to concentrate on, and take time for myself to heal. In the past couple weeks there has been 8 people who tragically were taken from this world way too soon. One of them was a very close friend of mine's son. It's so hard to watch someone in so much pain, you never know what to do or how much to do.. the most important thing is just to be there for that person.

I was recently watching "Super Soul Sunday" which happens to be one of my new favourite shows. Oprah interviewed Barbara Brown Taylor on "Darkness", and how to deal with it. I thought it was very fitting for everything we were going through in our small community.. some pointers I took from the episode:

People will not remember what you said, or what you did but they will never forget how you make them feel.

Give people permission to feel how they are feeling.

And then at the end of the episode Oprah asked the question; What is giving you life?

Why is it such a hard question? I've said it before... people get into auto pilot mode and they don't really "live" life, they just exist. I seriously think that most days what was giving me life was the promise of tomorrow, a better day, a better sleep, more me time, etc. But I keep forgetting to think about this moment, this breath, this now. I live each day hoping that tomorrow the kids are better, and some days they are, but I forget that they will only be this age once, and they grow up... maybe all it took was a little getaway to Toronto for me to realize this, but it's so true!

Anyway, if you are reading this can you answer the question; What is giving you life?


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