Summer Happenings

Jul 27, 2015

Oh man, figured I had better check in and just do a huge ramble..

We've had a busy summer, and we have about a week left before we get busy with harvest this year. 

We spent the last two weeks camping with swimming lessons and I feel like I completely underestimated how much work it is with a 10 month old baby (that's almost walking). Baby M was absolutely into everything and dirty the entire time! But hey, that's part of camping right?! Her swimming lessons were more just to get her used to the water and play in it than anything, but of course she passed with flying colours! 

M had a blast! He was at the park and rode his bike and did everything little boys do! He is such a fish in the water! He would jump and swim under water for 20 seconds before coming up for air. The first couple times he did it I thought for sure he was drowning!

Other that than, summer has just been busy. We spend most days outside all day, unless it rains. We definitely have a super active life! 

Dan and I take off next week for a few days of relaxation from the kids in a little cabin on a golf course.. I can't wait! As much as I love our kids after this last two weeks I could definitely use a recharge! 

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