Weekly Roundup November 1 (WHAT?!), 2015

Nov 1, 2015

I'm dreaming of a white ... Halloween?

We had our first snowfall this week and the kids had an absolute blast jumping in the puddles! I was actually a bit nervous as to what little M was going to think, but she actually seemed to enjoy it.

Big M's preschool had a Halloween party Thursday and he ditched his ninja turtle costume last minute to be spiderman.. so glad we bought two turtle costumes for him!

My yoga is winding down, only one class left and I'm super sad. It does start up again in the New Year, but there is a month when there is nothing going on.. so... I signed up for bootcamp! This is like a serious all out bootcamp my friend Amanda puts on. It starts with a weigh-in and measurements on Tuesday and although I hate seeing numbers and I dislike the idea of tracking them, it will be nice to actually see progress. I'm hoping this week I can also start running again. I haven't been able to find the time (poor excuse I know) to exercise since little M was born, and I can definitely tell my body is not where it should be strength-wise. For signing up and actually completing a fitness class (yoga) I bought myself a shirt and necklace to wear to the Halloween fundraiser Big M's preschool is putting on. I am going to treat myself to something LuLu once I'm done my bootcamp I think...

We had an absolute blast carving our pumpkins and making pumpkin seeds! 

The kids got spoiled for Halloween like usual. 

The kids ended up having a sleepover at their Nana and Grandpas and Daddy and I were able to out and enjoy our evening together with friends!! It's been forever since we've had time together.. And slept in!!! 

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